King Ranch Heated/Power 6 Way Leather Seats and New Carpet In The 1994 Crew Cab

When I bought my 94 crewcab on 9-5-2012,  I didn't like the seats from the very beginning.  The front was a Seatco custom 40/20/40 and was probably a nice seat when it was new,  but new for it was long since past.  Here is a pic of it after I removed it from the truck.  (anyone want a cheap seat?)

The back seat was what appears to be the factory original, and its in decent shape except for a few cigarette burns.  When I started looking for seats,  I really didn't know what I wanted,  I was pretty sure that a nice used replacement seat wasn't going to be easy to find.   So I got on the forums and started searching what other people had used,  and somewhere along in all this I found a writeup where a guy had put King Ranch seats out of a Super Duty in his OBS crewcab Powerstroke truck.   I thought well if they will go in that,  they will go in my 94 also....

The next step was to look for seats,  and I got on and started searching wrecking yards.  I found 2 sets within 3 hours of my house.   I called on one set and the guy said their pretty good,  but the drivers seat has a big rip in it,  and he wanted $1000 for the set.   So I called about the other set,  which were out of  a 2003 F350 and were also priced at $1000.  The guy said that they were in pretty decent shape,  have a few small blemishes,  and the lid on the console is broken,  but its just the hinge.  I asked him to send me some pics as he was 162 miles from me and when he did,  he said in the email that these seats had been around there for a while and if I wanted them he would take $500 for the set.  I said I will be there the day after tomorrow!

Well,  I went and got my King Ranch seats,  and then I got to looking at the carpet in my truck and I decided that rather than try and clean that awful mess up,  that I would see what new carpet would cost.

I found several online stores which sell replacement crew cab carpet,  and I ended up going with Stock Interiors as they seemed to have a better selection of colors.   The cost shipped to my door for the carpet with the better grade of  backing was about $270.00   I don't regret spending that at all, as it made so much difference in the appearance of the inside.  I told my wife I was glad I didn't try to clean that crummy old nasty carpet and attempt to make it look right with those nice seats.

Next step was to start the R&R on the carpet and seats.

                  Front seat out:
Both seats out,  and you can see how awful this carpet is.
Then after ripping the old carpet out,  I set the KR seats in to mark with a sharpie where to drill the mounting holes.
The new carpet took some cutting and fitting to install,  and  I removed the door sills and the  front and the B pillar kick panels. Stock interiors has a video that you can watch to help, and I just took my time, cut a little at a time until it would fit whatever I was cutting around.   I ran the wires for the 6 way power adjust, and for the seat heaters and then laid the new carpet over them.

Fitting new carpet.
The only alteration I had to make to any of the seats was to the front inside foot on the passenger side front seat.  The trans hump is a little wider on the passenger side and with the way the foot is angled it didn't fit the floor contour.  I just cut a notch out of it and flattened it out and welded it back.  I used 7/16" bolts and locknuts and used the 1/4" thick 2" dia. fender washers underneath to reinforce the bolt holes.

Seat foot after cutting:
I will have to say that I am very pleased with the King Ranch seats and the huge difference they and the carpet made to the interior of my truck.
And closed up and welded: