Welcome To Diezelcrazees Ford 7.3 IDI Page
These pages will be to document my repairs and mods on my 7.3L IDI Powered Ford Trucks.

1994 F-350 CC 4x4 With Factory Turbo and E4OD Automatic Transmission

1989 F-250 Diesel Regular Cab 4x4 With ZF-5 speed Transmission.  Runs on W85 Blend Waste Motor Oil.

1994 Super Duty 7.3 IDI  Factory Turbo, ZF-5 Trans - Parts Truck

Notice:  Relying on the information contained on these pages is solely the risk of the reader.  Diezelcrazee is the owner of this website and absolutely WILL NOT be responsible for any damage that occurs to your vehicle,  equipment or person if you attempt your own repairs based on any information contained herein.
Repairs & Mods
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I have the DB2 Injection Pump Calibration pages as well, but unless you have a test bench they aren't going to be of much benefit.  But, if someone wants to see them, email me and I will post them also.